Honoring Ken Wolff (Senior House Manager, 2001-2017)

The current Senior House Manager, Ken Wolff, will be retiring at the end of this academic year after 16 years of service. We have organized a thank you gift to be presented on Friday Night at the Elks Lodge at 8pm. Please share your thoughts or memories of Ken as comments on this post and we will incorporate them into the event on Friday.

Words from Ken regarding Culture and Community at Senior House on its 100 year anniversary (Nov 17, 2016):

“Students regard Senior House as both their home and their community. They have a deep, innate respect for each other regardless of background… My hope is always that the idea of being an accepting community that trusts and respects each other continues on for the next 100 years. These values go on to be important in life. When you work with other people and are accepting of them and their ideas, it helps you succeed.”

Read More: http://news.mit.edu/2016/senior-house-turns-100-1117

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