Welcome Home

We are currently in the process of planning Roast 2018 from May 4-6, 2018 in the Cambridge/Boston Area. The working schedule is available via Events. Stay tuned for more details.

Please Donate!


The tl;dr:

Roast 2018 is happening! Since the event is no longer associated with MIT and cannot receive MIT funds, we need your help to make it happen. Money raised will be used to pay for venues, food, bands, and art. Please consider donating and hope to see you the first weekend of May!

The Long version:

Senior House was the oldest undergraduate dormitory at MIT, known for its vibrant artistic and alternative culture. For more than half a century, Senior House has hosted Steer Roast, an annual event that has grown into a weekend-long festival. Alumni from all over the world return to the house to enjoy live music, art, a feast, and the company of friends old and new.

One year ago, the MIT administration canceled Steer Roast two weeks before the event with little public justification. With similar opacity, the MIT administration decided to close Senior House as an undergraduate dorm not long after. For more details about what happened, please see this article by an alum in Forbes.

Despite having only two weeks for planning, the Senior House alumni community came together last year and organized an off-campus “Alt-Roast.” This year, our community is still working to continue the Steer Roast tradition.

During the fight to preserve Senior House last year, many voices from outside the immediate student and alumni community came out in sympathy and solidarity. Now that Senior House and Steer Roast are no longer tied to MIT, we see Roast 2018 as an opportunity to welcome all those who have supported us into the next chapter of our treasured tradition. To all who hold dear the Senior House values of taking care of each other, welcoming differences, individual freedom and communal responsibility, we invite you to join us in celebration the first weekend of May at the 55th annual Steer Roast.